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Brooke Rash

This year alone, my sexy co-star Jason and I have generated 6-figures without a sales funnel, email list or any fancy structures. 

We're just passionate people that know how to leverage social media to build community & create interest in all of our adventures.

Even more impressive is the fact that we've personally helped our entrepreneur friends generate more than 300k in revenue and massively grow their audiences just by featuring them on our social media accounts and referring them to followers who need their expertise.

I guess you could say that it PAYS to know us.

It wouldn't be a party without swag. Members will be privy to special offers and discounts offered by our guest experts. So when you find someone you're ready to work with we'll make sure you're getting the hook up! 

The Social Celebrity presents:

  The Social Circle

It's not a popular topic, but let's be real. Internet fraud is a very real thing & it's important to be surrounded by a network of people that you love & trust. The Social Circle is being built on a foundation of honesty & integrity and we will have a zero bullshit tolerance policy.  Being an entrepreneur is hard enough already and that's the last thing we want you to have to worry about. 

In this unique membership site, you'll gain access to a new guest expert every week.

That's 52 masterclasses a year from a variety of A-List Entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds & areas of expertise + BONUS CONTENT!

Not only will you get access to lots of incredible content at a low monthly price, but you'll also get to personally connect with our guest experts for interactive sessions where you'll be able to ask questions, get answers, and even participate in mini coaching sessions and jump in the hot seat! This won't be no ordinary Facebook Group. In fact,  it's our goal to help you eliminate the need to be a 167 groups  along with the obsessive notifications.

The Social Circle is a brand new concept that combines 


Tired of your money flying out the window on crappy or overpriced courses that don't deliver?! 

As a member of The Social Circle, you'll get to preview mentors to make sure it's a good fit before investing hundreds or thousands of dollars on a program or private coaching.    Do you like their vibe?! Is this what you need RIGHT NOW?!  You'll be able to find out BEFORE you drain your kids college fund & still have plenty of cash for that extra guac. 

Want to be a Featured Guest Expert?! Um. Duh. Of course, you do. 

I'm all about promoting my community, so all of our featured experts will be members of The Social Circle.  Experts will land a guest interview spot on The Social Celebrity. Once I find your X-factor, the thing that makes you unique, I can authentically promote the heck out of you & help you build your audience, get clients and raise your social status! 

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Kate Patchett

Kristi Dosh

Kristi Dosh is a Publicist who works with entrepreneurs and nonfiction authors to establish themselves as experts in their niches and become more visible for their expertise through opportunities such as guest blogs, podcast interviews, public speaking engagements, feature articles and media appearances. 

Kristi Dear

Featured Experts

Kristi Dear, International Success & Mindset Coach, Author & Speaker, works with women who know the keys to success but are struggling to make the money and step into their highest potential as a business owner.

Kate Patchett is a Psychic Soul Coach for women Soulpreneurs who are heart centered and spiritually aware, seeking energy healing, business support, and enhancement of their own intuitive abilities. 

Kristi Candelario

Kristi Candelario, Business Success Strategist & Freedom Lifestyle Coach, is devoted to helping entrepreneurs create real freedom for their greatest desires through strategies that promote automation, passive income, and more freedom.

Emma Black

Kristy Jones

Hailing from Scotland, 

Emma Black is a Transformational Love Coach who supports women in attracting their dream relationship and finding true love.

Kristy Jones is a Corporate Exit Strategist who supports and guides women to finding purpose and achieve new levels of success outside of the corporate grind.

Jessie Lee Ward

Jewell Siebert is an international bestselling author, Success Coach and tapping practitioner. She helps working women have the freedom to actually enjoy the life theyโ€™ve worked so hard to create.

Jewell Siebert

Jessie Lee is a social media phenomenon and  network marketing boss! This 2x multi-million-dollar team leader and top income earner,  prides herself on mentoring, coaching, teaching and training thousands to reach their potential - all with never bossing them around.

Alexandra Prince

Tandy Elisala is a Leadership Coach for womenpreneurs making a big impact, bestselling author, 4 x cancer survivor! 

 As a personal transformation coach, Alex splits her time between London & Thailand. She creates positive break-throughs for clients by using a system called rapid transformation therapy. She combines powerful mindset training with regression therapy to shift the brain into a new way of thinking.

Kim Heintz is an Online Business & Technical Strategist whose mission it is to remove the stress and streamline everything around the tech for new and existing online-based entrepreneurs.

Hollie Tkac

Alison McAuley is a female entrepreneur coach.

She helps women that are at a crossroad in life that have a deep desire to create a successful online business.

Hollie Tkac, Copywriter, supports other women in discovering their inner unicorns so they can spread their unique messages like wildfire.

 It can be your reality when you sign up for The Social Circle

Like Kim Kardashian bee-lining it into her car - there is 0 time to waste on this. 

Jill Tracy

Kelli Coviello

Linda Bello

Kelli Coviello is a leading-edge mentor in the field of business growth and lifestyle success.  As a former corporate consultant, she worked with Fortune 500 Companies to build strategies that created double digit growth in their business. Creator of The Whole Happy Method, Kelli teaches that success in business evolves from well-being in all areas of life. 

Tonya Vanderhart

Jamie Palmer is a business simplifier and creative technologist. She has mastered the art of simplifying technology and building thriving online ecosystems. With 13 years in business, she understands the psyche of the modern day entrepreneur and how to teach them to simplify, streamline, strategize and succeed online.

Jason, who is often lovingly referred to as Brooke's sexy co-star is a powerhouse filmmaker and video content creator. His high energy & passion for life is contagious, inspiring everyone who crosses his path! 

Jamie Palmer

Kim Bowen Bliss

Jill Tracy is a pro Speaking Strategist who shows smart biz women how to skillfully convey their message and confidently connect on camera ("jam on-cam")! Not just your ordinary coach, Jill is a Biz Psychologist and side-by-side guide, who uses a step-by-step approach to help you step into the public eye with credibility, joy, and ease.

Kim Bowen Bliss is a Self-Liberation Leader & Retreat Host for women to break free from emotional wounds, heal their past, and create the limitless life they desire in a body they love and honor. She blends energy healing, yoga, intuitive coaching, and spiritual mentorship for a comprehensive path of spiritual and self connection.

Kim Heintz

Rachel Feldman

Linda Bello is a HuffPost Blogger & Success Coach for women looking to gain clarity and confidence in their online businesses so they can leave their 9-5's. She helps her clients define exactly what they want in their life so they stop playing the guessing game and start making space for freedom in their life while making some serious cash. 

Rachel Feldman is a Rockin' Business Coach 

& Creator of Done For You Programs for 

Health Coaches. 

Alison McAuley

Tonya is a Mindset and Business Coach for women who know they are destined for more but aren't quite sure how to get there on their own. She helps women master their mindset for success while giving them the confidence and tools to create an online freedom based business of their dreams.

Heather Andrews

Jason Rash

Tandy Elisala

Can you imagine being supported by all of these amazing experts?

Heather Andrews is a Lifestyle Strategist and Change Mentor with Follow it thru Health Coaching. She helps busy moms overcome the societal pressures that get in their way of living their ideal, balanced life.

Raving Reviews

"Brooke helped me get 4 new clients with a single Facebook post! She rocks!"

Hollie Tkac, Copywriter

From our Members

Kate Patchett, Psychic Life Coach

"Brooke has always emphasized the importance of being super visible on social media with me. At times I was reluctant to take her advice out of fear or shyness. 

With her encouragement and guidance, I was able to attract my first clients by being active in her FB group. She invited me to do my first FB Live one day and was there to support me and cheer me on all the way through. She gave me tips and feedback on how to improve too. The response was super awesome, and created so much brand awareness for my business.  Also, Brooke's shoutouts on Facebook and Instagram have put me at the forefront, and have led to quality leads and paying clients. She's a force to be reckoned with. She knows her stuff, and will find creative ways to help you standout. I will continue to work with her for as long as I have an online presence! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Brooke. You changed my life! ๐Ÿ’žโœจ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’— "


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